GRAND JAM 2020 SHYRICK DANCEHALL RADIO's Feature end of the year SEARCH FOR TOP ARTIST 2020 is running red hot and it is only the first quarter  of the season.

We already have the following  6 ARTISTS with guaranteed seats in the BIGGEST END OF THE YEAR PARTY going down. And there are many months yet to go before the six week race kicks into gear. (Reminder, well over 7000 global listeners checked in to vote in our last Grand Jam and we expect this year to be even bigger.)

We invite you to check out these artist's iTunes page to sample the vibes already guaranteed to be running the race:

STRAPPA J- Jah Bless Me : 

MONSOON - What I Feel :

SHANA S - Up In Deh :

G-MAC - Love Your Life:

These 4 brand new inductees to the race join our two artists who mashed it up late in 2018 and were rolled over into this years race:

KAYLA DI DIVA  - Survivor

DAVID POWELL - Relationship Still Alive

February's Eva Fresh New Blood brings 9 new tracks  for  thousands of daily Global  Listeners to get excited about . If you missed the show here's a direct link, or catch up on  SHYRICK PROGRAM REPLAYS on

Here's the breakdown for you family!

Strappa J is running RED HOT at SHYRICK DANCEHALL RADIO , he already has a single circulating in hopes of a nod from the Global Audience which is doing very well with our promotional efforts on our page in NORTHERN EUROPE'S  called " JAH BLESS ME" as well as throwing down a wicked collaboration with our current TRIPPLE CROWN Legend Jah Niceness called "SHE'S SO SHY." Now he's trying to impress the NATION with his single "FEELING." This artist is well worth keeping an eye on, SO link up with him on his Facebook page to support him and stay ontop of all his new releases:

"CHANGE" is not a new track for Jimbolee, however it is new to us here at  SHYRICK  and the artist  has said he would like it to be considered as a contender. So the DJ threw it down and it is now up to our GLOBAL LISTENERS to decide if it is worthy of a  GRAND JAM 2020 seat. Check out the artist's facebook page and link up to keep on top of all freshness coming from his camp in the future. 

Ras Calico has thrown down a sweet ode to mums all over the globe with his track "MUMA". No doubt it will be seeing some extra airtime come mother's day. It is well worth your time to head on down to iTunes and check it out. We invite you to show this artist some support and join him on his Facebook page:

Boom Donovan Green  is a brand new artist to SHYRICK (compliments of our TRIPPLE CROWN CHAMPION >>> JAH NICENESS<<< who pointed him in our direction.) but he's has been on the scene for a while now in England  and is an established  Indie artist with some good vibes in his collection  and a whole lot more coming soon in a DOUBLE ALBUM offering of "ROSIE POSIE ALL STARS".  It has some notable artists sitting  on it and rumor has it, the double album set will be dropping in the near future. "ROSIE POSIE" is doing very well in  Northern Europe's and it looks like it is well on it's way to MASHING UP THE SCENE. 

 "MOVIESTAR" is a brand new collaborative single with Blackout JA ... it just hit iTunes as a matter of days ago so go check it out and drop the track in your music collection. 

Join BOOM DONOVAN GREEN on his Facebook page to make sure you don't miss the ROSIE POSIE  ALLSTAR ALBUM RELEASE ... There's going to be some of your favorite BIG NAMES sitting on the album like: Luciano, Rod Taylor, Mykal Rose, Courtney Melody just to name a few. So stay tuned!

D'Angel is a brand new lady to the SHYRICK family. She has come to the station with a few good tracks and opted to try her single "NUH TRUST DEM" as a potential contender in the ladies Indie Dancehall catagory in GRAND JAM 2020. Keep an eye open for this lady, we feel you are going to be seeing more of her vibes along the way and join her on her Facebook page to support this vibrant lady :

Nelly P is throwing down 'SEE YOU SOON" in hopes of getting the Global Nod. This male Indie Dancehall artist isn't  worried about going up against our current  two time Indie Male Dancehall  champion JAY BANKZ, he just needs the GLOBAL nod to prove it to the Nation. Check out his tracks on iTunes:

Wowski  is doubling his chance of running in the GRAND JAM
by dropping another single hoping the GLOBAL LISTENER gets excited about it too ! "NOBODY NUH SAFE" is a hot  little number worthy of your attention and we wish Wowski the best of luck in landing a seat in the 2020 race. Please join the artist on his Facebook page to stay on top of freshness and venue dates for the up coming 2019 season : 

Excel Black also threw a whopper of a single into the ring entitled "RISE AND FALL" it's sitting pretty on iTunes if you want to check it out and tuck it into your music collection. ExcelBlack consistently drops good good vibes so it's best to link up with him  ( if you are not already) to make sure you stay on top of all the freshness his camp has planned for you  this season :

And last but not least is an artist we haven't heard from in a while, not since his last single "BACK TO ME" but we are sure glad to see him  throw down his brand new single "ALL SEASONS LOVE."  ELIJAH ROCQ is no stranger to the SHYRICK family of artists and our Global  Listeners are very familiar with his smooth Lover's Rock style. This track is not on  iTunes just yet so make sure to link up with the artist on his Facebook page so you can be notified to pick up a copy as soon as it is on  download:

That's it for February freshness here at SHYRICK DANCEHALL RADIO, stay tuned and we will keep you  up to date on how the big race is shaping up for this season. If you missed February's Eva Fresh Showcase hit the go button above and enjoy 3 hours of the  FINEST INDIE DANCEHALL AND REGGAE TALENT ON THE SCENE TODAY !!!! we thank you family for your support  of not only us but these fine artists as well... STAY BLESSED FAMILY and keep the good good vibes flowing .





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